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Press release: Stelling Properties proud to join Climate Positive Workforce Initiative.

By December 6, 2021November 13th, 2023No Comments

Contact: [email protected]. Date for release: Immediate

Press Release Number: 9 – 21.

Stelling Properties are proud to announce they have joined the Climate Positive Workforce initiative operated by Ecologi, one of the UK’s leading carbon offsetting organisations. As a modular construction company Stelling Properties are working hard on developing innovative construction methods helping to reduce the time and energy required to construct and operate new buildings. We are constantly assessing our materials, waste, equipment, energy, and transportation used in our daily activities.

Now we are going one stage further and partnering with Ecologi, this will result in making every staff member climate positive. This includes emissions from their homes, personal travel, holidays, food, hobbies and more. The result will be around 12,900 trees being planted and 972 tonnes of CO2 offset each year by contributing to a variety of climate positive initiatives from re-planting mangroves to community infrastructure and renewable energy programmes all helping to make a positive impact on the planet.


“Ecologi play a key role in helping us to offset our carbon emissions while we work towards implementing our carbon reduction strategy.”

Gary RobsonTechnical Lead

Notes to Editors:

Stelling Properties are modular building manufacture providing expertise throughout the development supply chain including, land acquisition, planning, design, construction, and post occupancy building management.