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Why us

Our story

We deliver high quality modular buildings, matched with industry leading expertise and unrivalled customer service

Stelling Properties is a fourth-generation family-owned business, starting out as an owner operator of Purpose-Built Student Accommodation. We started by renovating existing properties before moving into constructing new builds using third party contractors. However, what seemed like a simple task, was far from it. Delays on site, bad weather and the building quality was inconsistent and variable.

After consideration of many factors, we felt that traditional methods of construction were not meeting our needs and there must be a better way, as a result we started to look at Modular Construction. However, once again what should have been a simple process, proved to be anything but and confirmed our realisation that there was a gap in the market.

As a result, we invested in building a state-of-the-art offsite manufacturing facility and went about assembling a team of experts to make our modular dream a reality. Not only for our own projects, but as the perfect partner for likeminded forward-thinking organisations.

Our processOur people

Manufacturing excellence

A total modular solution enjoys enhanced quality control and less waste with better cost certainty control.

Stelling Properties operates a state-of-the-art, considered, and sustainable modular building manufacturing facility at our head office site in Hampshire. We use process driven lean manufacturing principles to deliver high quality modular buildings meeting our client’s expectation requirements for delivery and quality.

By controlling all stages of the manufacturing process, we can offer an agile solution, that allows for the manufacture of different size modules to meet the requirements the projects.

Why choose us

Where required, we can provide inhouse expertise at each stage of the development cycle, which includes land acquisition, planning, design, manufacture, and the construction of your high-quality modular accommodation. Our projects delivered quicker, more sustainably and gives project and cost certainty for our partners.

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Land Acquisition

Our inhouse team of land acquisition specialists are responsible for designing and implementing land acquisition strategies, working closely with landowners, local governments, housing associations, developers, and local community organisations.

Design & Planning

Our inhouse experts make us the ideal partner for Modular construction design and build projects. By having a fully integrated team working from the start of the project through to completion, we can deliver exceptional results through the purposeful collaboration.

Modular Construction

The manufacturing of the fully fitted modules takes place at our state-of-the-art factory facility in Hampshire. We design buildings that achieve over 80% in factory completion ensuring that the maximum benefits of Modular manufacturing are realised.

Service & Management

We can apply our experience and knowledge to providing post occupancy service and management, ensuring that the development operates at the optimum level of performance, providing occupant comfort whilst reducing the environmental impact.


The benefits of modular construction include…

Reliable project delivery, improved efficiency, improved quality, reduced environmental impact, reduced disruption to local communities and enhanced health and safety.

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