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Temporary Accommodation

How do we work?

We have produced a standard product range for the Temporary Accommodation sectors, able to manufacture on a supply only basis and develop further bespoke solutions if required. Providing a range of modular Temporary Accommodation in record time at the highest quality.

Offering a full turnkey solution for modular Temporary Accommodation, we have experience and expertise at each stage of the development cycle: land acquisition, planning, design, manufacture, construction and management of high-quality residential apartments.

Reducing the delivery programme significantly, providing project and cost certainty, maximising sustainability at each stage of the build. Stelling Properties make it easy for our partners looking for a modular solution for Temporary Accommodation.

We take an innovative, flexible, and collaborative approach, working as a trusted partner to contractors, developers, and property asset management companies in the design, build, and management of modular constructed Temporary Accommodation.

Our collection

Introducing our collection of temporary accommodation

Stelling Properties puts the client at the heart of everything we do. Modular delivery gives you the benefit and flexibility of factory process control ensuring your building, externally and internally, exactly matches your requirements. Our collection of standardised Temporary Accommodation layouts, give you an idea of how your development can be brought to fruition with MMC.

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External configuration

Our modular product has many configuration options to suit project requirements. Our temporary solution offers various accommodation lay-outs, from single occupancy to families.

Planning can be much quicker compared to traditional residential projects and the accommodation can be delivered and installed off-ground. For example, using designed engineered columns to carry the accommodation over a public car park, retaining full use of the area.

The modules are relocatable and for some re-generation schemes, the modules can potentially be incorporated into the main project subject to design.

The Benefits of Working with Stelling Properties

Stelling Properties offers a tailored approach to meet your offsite construction needs. Our turnkey solution means we can help with land acquisition and design and planning stages to just a supply only, offsite manufacture basis only of our residential apartments.

Here’s a few of the reasons why you should work with us…

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Flexible approach


Reduced project programme


Reduced environmental impact


Reduced project wastage


Certainty over project cost and delivery


Quality control and increased overall value