We provide expertise at each stage of the development cycle, land acquisition, planning, design, manufacture, and the construction of high-quality accommodation, quickly, sustainably with project and cost certainty whilst making it easy for our partners, a full Turnkey approach

Land Acquisition

Our inhouse team of land acquisition specialists are responsible for designing and implementing land acquisition strategies, working closely with landowners, local governments, housing associations, developers, and local community organizations to gain support for projects that deliver value to the community and release the full development potential of the land.

Design & Planning

Our inhouse experts make Stelling properties the ideal partner for Modular construction design and build projects. By having a fully integrated team working together from the start of the project through to completion, we have improved communication and can deliver exceptional results through the purposeful collaboration of our teams.

Modular Construction

The manufacturing of the fully fitted modules takes place at our state-of-the-art factory facility in Hampshire. We design buildings that achieve over 80% in factory completion ensuring that the maximum benefits of Modular manufacturing are realised.

Service & Management

Thanks to our track record of operating buildings, we can apply our experience and knowledge to providing post occupancy service and management, ensuring that the development operates at the optimum level of performance, providing occupant comfort whilst reducing the environmental impact.

Vertical Sectors

Residential Developments

We deliver residential properties in different configurations allowing us to meet the individual development requirements of our clients, all residential projects are finished to a high quality ensuring the best end user experience

Student Accommodation

We deliver luxury high quality student accommodation, providing stylish studios and communal areas. We have experience from identifying a land opportunity to operating the building post occupancy.

Housing Associations

Providing a full turnkey experience, we partner with Housing Associations to identify opportunities from land acquisition through to manufacturing and construction of individual and multiple storey developments.


We deliver luxury hotel accommodation hotel developments and refurbishments; we have a proven track record of hotel developments and refurbishments on prestigious landmark hotels.   

The Benefits of Working with Stelling Properties

from a full turnkey experience including design and planning to groundworks, building manufacture, installation, landscaping, testing, and commissioning, to a tailored approach to meet the project needs

• Flexible approach

• Reduced time on site and reduced project delivery times

• Reduced environmental impact from our projects

• Reduced project wastage

• Certainty over project cost and delivery

• Quality assurance

Benefits of Modular Construction

  • 01
    More Reliable Delivery

    Offsite construction is carried out within a controlled environment, allowing for greater delivery certainty and improved delivery

  • 02
    Greater Efficiency

    The controlled working environment allows for speedier completion of projects, with research showing there can be a significant reduction in the construction time and project cost

  • 03
    Improved and Consistent Quality

    Offsite construction allows for the use of standardised processes and tighter controls, which deliver improved levels of quality. This helps reduce the need and cost the for re-work and snagging and provides a better product for the customer and improved experience.

  • 04
    Reduced Environmental Impact

    With reduced project times, offsite construction reduces the traffic flows around sites leading to significant reduction in pollution from traffic. There is a reduction of material wastage with as much as a 20% reduction in wasted materials. Due to the improved build quality, there is potential for the asset to deliver significant operational cost savings.

  • 05
    Reduced disruption of local communities

    By reducing project time, on-site labour requirements and the range the elements of construction that need to be completed on site compared to traditional on-site methods, it leads to projects that are completed more quickly with less noise, less local air pollution and less traffic disruption

  • 07
    Improved Health & Safety

    Off-site construction has the potential to significantly reduce the risk of accidents. The reasons for this include a controlled, clean, and warm environment, and the use of production line techniques and standards.

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