The agile approach
to property
Land Acquisition
We spot opportunities, acquire land and navigate planning for every development we manage.
Design & Planning
Our approach to design is quality and permanence. We create living spaces that have purpose and will enhance the towns and cities they’re in.
Off-site Manufacture
We manufacture state-of-the-art modular systems in our dedicated factory in the UK. Modular design allows our team to be creative and flexible with the architecture of the property.
Construction & Delivery
Construction of new and refurbished sites is paramount to creating great places for our customers to live and visit.
Customer Service & Management
We provide high quality operational management across our current portfolio. Unilife - student accommodation, and Trigon - Eire based hotels, spearhead the management brands in our property portfolio.
Long Term Investment
We recognise our unique position, and believe our investments should bring value to the communities we operate in.